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Following baitfish is key

As cooler temperatures arrive as a result of cold fronts ushering in from the north, the shad will begin their journey to the mouths of the creeks and later venture farther back into the creeks as the shallower water in them tends to cool down. Naturally, the bass will follow the shad into the creeks much like I would move to the back yard to eat supper, if that is where it was served.

Fall Transitions

Finally, a break from a long, hot and dry summer has arrived. In order to find bass to catch as they make the transition from summer to fall, it is important to understand their lifestyles and habits. If we can figure 'em out, we can catch 'em.

Recently we came across some really life like fish decals, made by a company call Fishin Decals who as their slogan states make “Awesome Decals for Avid Anglers”. They’re some of the most detailed images of game fish that I’d ever seen. The details on the largemouth and smallmouth bass are really spot on. These decals are designed to go on just about any flat surface, like cars, boats, kayaks, tackle boxes, mailboxes, etc.

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The ability to read water is not a mystical power or a special talent it is just being observant to the lay of the land. When we are driving to our fishing destination do we pay attention to the surrounding land hills, bluffs, mountains, or swamps... We should.

Sure, bigger baits catch bigger bass... especially in the fall, but sometimes a tiny presentation can produce when the bass just aren't cooperating.

Rod & Reel Selection

Choosing the right equipment doesn’t have to be that complicated. I will give you as much information on the three basic setups I think will give you a good start without costing you a fortune. I would suggest going with two bait casters and one spinning rig.

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Spinning Reel

Casting & Spinning Rods

“When you go shopping, pick up several rods and see how they feel in your hand. Buy what feels good and what you can afford. ”

Fishing Tackle

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