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Web App

Using the interactive contour map is simple. It functions just like a typical GPS unit that is loaded with Navionics charts. Click and drag the map to find the lake you are looking for. Use the + and - to zoom in and out for the lake that you would like to view contours for. You can also toggle the overlay data so that it includes satellite imagery or terrain overlay on the map.

Jerkbait Fishing 101

The jerkbait is perhaps one of the most underused tools in the average angler’s arsenal. Jerkbait can be far more versatile than they get credit for...

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Change “the background”.

In other words, change what is behind the line. Snow and ice can be a helper. Try building up the sides around the hole, and see how the line contrasts against it. There are times when dirtier snow, especially if stained by murky water from the drilled hole, will help as a background.

Cold Water Period

Line Watching on the Ice

Line watching has been a great way of detecting strikes in many types of fishing. It can be tricky at times, and especially when ice fishing with different light conditions.

Tools or Toys?

A lure is a tool used to mine fish out of a specific environment. You must analyze the weather conditions, the water conditions, the time of day, the season, the type of body of water i.e.: natural lake, reservoir, or river and form a conclusion. You then make an educated guess as to where the fish will be and only then do you begin to decide what lure you will use.

“Just like golf clubs... lures are designed to be used in certain situations and conditions. It is important to choose the right tool for the job...”