Wednesday July 13

5 Topwater Baits for Summer

in Seasonal Fishing

by Brendan

We’ve broken down some of the best Topwater lures into 5 groups that will help…

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Saturday August 20

Weedless Frog Tactics

in Tactics & Techniques

by Marques Green

  Summertime on the Mississippi river means one thing, weedless frogs.  Lily pads, eel grass…

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Saturday August 20

Weedless Frog Tactics

Tuesday February 22

Summer Schooling

in Seasonal Fishing

by Tom Lester

While most youngsters are enjoying school being out for the summer, there is another type…

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Tuesday February 22

Summer Schooling

Saturday February 19

The Complete Guide to Drop Shot Fishing

in Tactics & Techniques

by Brendan Cucinello

This step by step instructional guide will break down the different components that are used…

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Wednesday August 21

Wacky Worming

in Fishing Tackle

by Dan McGarry

Over the last three years the most consistant bass fish catcher I have used has…

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Wednesday August 21

Wacky Worming

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Chris_Lane_2012bChris Lane WINS the 2012 Bassmaster Classic with 51 lbs. 6 oz!  Lane says he committed to fishing for 5 big bites and not focusing on just catching a 10 or 12 pound limit.  Chris said that "he remembers watching the classic since he was 4 years old"...  now he's living his dream!  The big turning point was making the right call and sticking to his key area... he was immediately rewarding with his biggest bass of day.

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Weather & the Bassmaster Classic

Weather talk dominates

News -

Feb. 23, 2012


SHREVEPORT-BOSSIER CITY, La. — No group, not even farmers, talk about weather more than fishermen, especially when big changes are blowing in the wind. So there was lots of weather chatter among the 49 competitors on the day before the Bassmaster Classic begins.

A southwest wind howling up to 30 miles an hour provided the background noise at media day Thursday, as temperatures rose to 80 degrees. When takeoff begins on the Red River at 7 a.m. Friday, the wind will have shifted to north-northwest and the temperature is predicted to be 46 degrees. Wind speeds of up to 25 miles an hour will make it feel colder.

“The weather (Friday) is going to be the biggest thing in this event,” said Mark Tucker of Kirkwood, Mo., who is fishing in his eighth Classic. “The wind is going to dictate everything.

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Red River Obstacle Course

Red River obstacle course
Anglers have plenty to worry about just getting to fish

News -

By Trey Reid - Feb 20, 2012

If you’re trying to get to a bass in the Red River, you’ll have to clear more than a few hurdles. From the locks and dams that make commercial navigation possible to the stumpy backwaters that harbor healthy bass populations, numerous obstacles stand between Bassmaster Classic anglers and the winning fish.


“It’s by far the stumpiest place I’ve ever fished,” said Aaron Martens, who finished ninth here in the 2009 Classic. “The first day of practice – even the first hour of practice – you’ll do more damage to your boat than you’ll do all season.”


Martens tore up a $700 propeller during the 2009 Classic on the Red River. He also stuck his boat on a stump in another backwater area.

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Wilbanks Wins On Lake Lanier


FLW Outdoors

News Release - 2/20/12

Kirkland wins co-angler title
GAINESVILLE, Ga. (Feb. 20, 2012) – Matthew Wilbanks of Gainesville, Ga., weighed a five-bass limit totaling 21 pounds, 8 ounces Saturday to win the Walmart Bass Fishing League Bulldog Division event on Lake Lanier. For his victory, Wilbanks earned $4,729.
“I gambled, and it paid off,” said Wilbanks. “Lanier is more known for spotted bass, but I fished for largemouth, right out of the gate. You’re not going to get as many bites fishing largemouth as you would fishing for more consistent spotted bass because the bite isn’t nearly as predictable. I figured if I did it all day, I would get one or two good fish and hope I would end up with five. The gamble paid off, and that’s what happened.

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Classic and the Alabama Rig

Alton speaks on the Classic and the Alabama rig

Feb 15, 2012
Well, we just pulled in to Red River South Marina, our home for the next week and a half. This is actually where the Classic is launching from and it’s nice to be away from traffic and stuff as well as have all of your gear close to the ramp. It’s also convenient for practice; I can launch right here or trailer elsewhere if it’s a long run from here.

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Chapman takes Open in fish-off

Qualifies for Classic, gets third B.A.S.S. victory in a fish-off Sunday

News - By Bob Russow

Feb12, 2012

LEWISVILLE, Texas – Fittingly for stingy Lewisville Lake, the fish-off Sunday came down to one bite. Brent Chapman got it, Josh Bertrand never did.

Chapman caught a 6-pound, 5-ounce largemouth and captured the Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Central Open title in extra innings after the two anglers tied for the lead on Day Three.

The tournament victory came with a berth in the 2013 Bassmaster Classic on his home water: Grand Lake. The pressure is off for this year’s Elite Series, provided Chapman fishes the remaining two Central Open events.

“This is a big weight off my shoulders,” Chapman said. “First, this tournament is over. The bigger reason is that I made the Classic and finally got another win.”

The clinching bass very nearly never made it into the boat. Chapman was fishing a small creek that had warm water from a discharge running into the back of it. When he arrived Sunday morning, the current had disappeared and the water was in the high 40s, a severe temperature drop.

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Tharp Wins Walmart FLW


News Release

Wilcox wins co-angler title, $20,000


CLEWISTON, Fla. (Feb. 12, 2012) – EverStart pro Randall Tharp of Gardendale, Ala., had endured three days of tough weather and wind and managed to lead the first three days of competition at the Walmart FLW Tour on Lake Okeechobee presented by Evinrude. All he needed was one more solid day’s weight to claim his first FLW Tour title.

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Tharp Leads Walmart FLW

News Release


Agouros Leads Co-Anglers

CLEWISTON, Fla. (Feb. 9, 2012) – Does home-lake advantage play a role when 320 of the world’s best anglers gather to see who can find the heaviest four-day stringer of bass for a first-place cash prize of up to $125,000? Just look at the leaderboard of the season-opening Walmart FLW Tour on Lake Okeechobee presented by Evinrude.

EverStart pro Randall Tharp of Gardendale, Ala., crossed the stage Thursday with a five-bass limit weighing 33 pounds, 9 ounces to lead day one of the event. Tharp now holds a slim 2-ounce lead over Brandon McMillan of Clewiston, Fla., who caught five bass weighing 33-7. Add to the top-five anglers John Cox (third) of Debary, Fla., and freshly-out-of-retirement Roland Martin (fifth) of Naples, Fla., and you have a handful of anglers with intimate knowledge of Okeechobee leading the tournament’s full field of anglers from all across the United States, Canada, Spain and Japan.

“The wind blew 15 to 20 (miles per hour),” Tharp said. “So I adjusted. And that’s just something you know how to do from fishing here. A lot of the guys here have put all their eggs in one basket.”

Even though he’s not a Floridian, Tharp said his familiarity with the lake gave him an edge on the first day of competition.

“I was going out there to catch a 40-pound sack, to be honest,” Tharp said. “I probably had 20 bites today. Ten of them were big ones. And by big ones I mean 5 pounds or better.”

Tharp said his first bite didn’t come until about 9 a.m. but was well worth the wait. That bite came from a bass weighing almost 10 pounds. By 10 a.m. Tharp was culling his small fish.

Tharp said the wind would dictate where anglers would be able to fish on the second day of competition and it would continue to be a “game of adjustments” for the anglers.

“The weather made it horrible on me,” McMillan said. “It made it tough to flip through the mat and make the bait fall the way you need to make it fall.

“It wasn’t like the Okeechobee that I was used to fishing,” McMillan added. “I figured 20 or 24 pounds would be a good sack. I figured someone would bust 30, but I didn’t figure I would do it.”

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Everstart Series - Lake Amistad

New Release


Mild winter may affect bass fishing event
DEL RIO, Texas (Jan. 25, 2012) – The EverStart Series is headed to Lake Amistad Feb. 2-4 when as many as 300 pros and co-anglers take to the water for the first of four stops in the Texas Division.
“They are definitely catching fish right now on Amistad and the fishing has been very good,” said FLW Tour pro Keith Combs of Huntington, Texas. “This is going to be a better than average tournament. With what I’ve seen lately, I think it’s going to take 70 pounds to win this tournament.
“We’ve had a very mild winter here so far,” Combs continued. “Based on the weather I think this one will probably be won out of the grass. They are pulling water through the lake real hard right now, and the lake levels are going to be dropping. If it gets cold and with the lower water levels, the bass might move out and there is a pretty good chance that this tournament could be won on the ledges.

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Medlock Wins Everstart Series

News Release

Glunt wins co-angler title
OKEECHOBEE, Fla. (Jan. 21, 2012) – Brandon Medlock of Lake Placid, Fla., weighed a five-bass limit totaling 15 pounds, 3 ounces Saturday to win the EverStart Series Southeast Division event presented by Mercury on Lake Okeechobee with a three-day total of 15 bass weighing 68 pounds, 2 ounces. For his victory, Medlock earned $35,000.

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B.A.S.S Bans the Alabama Rig & More Rigs

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — B.A.S.S., upon the recommendation of its Bassmaster Elite Series Rules Committee, has amended its tournament rules to limit anglers competing in the Bassmaster Classic and Bassmaster Elite Series to the use of a single lure during practice and competition.

The rule change, which does not apply to Bassmaster Open, B.A.S.S. Federation Nation, College B.A.S.S. and other events, clarifies the intent of long-standing rules permitting only one rod, one reel and one cast at a time. No longer permitted are double soft jerkbait rigs, drop shot rigs with jigs used as weights, double topwater setups and other multi-lure rigs, such as “umbrella rigs.”

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Troll Perfect Review by Marques

Marques Green

"The Troll Perfect is a very useful tool for any tournament angler."

I used the Troll Perfect on a 3 day pre-fishing trip for the “Angler Dreams National Tournament of Champions” on Kentucky Lake in October. As a angler that spends 12+ hours on the water, the Troll Perfect saves my ankles and joints because the clamp helps eliminate resistance from the shaft on the trolling motor.

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Troll Perfect Review by Dan McGarry

Dan McGarry

"I had a chance to try this very simple product, the Troll Perfect, under some tough conditions at the NY CTC on Owasco Lake and was very impressed."

The product installs in just minutes and only costs $14.95. Troll Perfect is so simple use and provides amazing control when putting a boat into 2' to 3' swells.

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Troll Perfect Review by Kevin Springer

Kevin Springer

I have done several product reviews over the past few years and most have been of tackle that promises to catch more fish, but this review is of a product called “Troll Perfect” from Perfect Outdoor Products in Rochester Hills, Michigan and though it doesn’t claim to catch more fish, it will make your time on the water more enjoyable.

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Troll Perfect Review by Conley Staley


I have tested a few products over the years, Troll Perfect was one of the products that you look at and say...


I have to say that this is one of the simplest products to install and use. Easy to follow instructions make this a breeze to attach to the trolling motor and to adjust it on the water. Unfortunately my pictures of the install did not load on the computer and were lost, but the pictures provided with the product are not much different from my install pictures. Five easy steps and it is ready to use.

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Blakemore Lures Product Review 2

Rock'N Runner


Kevin Springer

"The Blakemore Rock’N Runner takes chatterbait fishing to a whole new level. "

It has the traditional “RoadRunner” head and the standard chatterbait blade but they have added a small willow spin blade on the bottom of the bait. It also comes standard with a “Bleeding Bait Hook”. I received the 3/8 ounce version in Chartreuse color.

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Blakemore Lures Product Review 1

 Rock'n Runner

George Cawthorn

Location: Castaic Lagoon, California

When I opened up my test product package from BassinUSA I saw the Blakemore Rock’n-Runner for the first time and thought, “What’s this bad boy gonna be able to do up at Castaic?” The packaging was very average and contained no extras.

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2Handee Product Review - 3

Ray Scully


Long Island, NY

My first reaction was ….”What the heck is this?” The negatives were already forming in my mind even before I opened the packaging. To say I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement. This product, the "2 Handee Fisherman's Utility Tool", will meet many of your angling needs.

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2Handee Product Review - 2

Nunzio Prato

Location: Long Island, NY

There is nothing worse than in the middle of fishing a big school of fish, going to re-tie and your clippers let you down. I have purchased countless numbers of clippers only to have them break, dull, come apart, fall overboard, turn to rust, or just get simply missed placed. We all know the importance of re-tying your lures after catching fish. This is especially true when there is a lot at stake, for example fishing tournaments. A clipper is a vital tool to have handy while on a fishing adventure. Now just think if you could have this tool with added features. This is what 2HANDEE has come up with.

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