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Bass Boating Essentials


Running a high performance bass boat is a fun way to cover water effectively in a short period of time.  However, in order to enjoy your

high performance machine there are a couple of safety pieces that you need in your boat just in case a situation occurs where you  may need it .

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Reading Water

dan_mcgarry_art_pic_2How many times do you have to fish in an area or new body of water and wish you could see the bottom? I bet if you could you wouldn't be as afraid of fishing new bodies of water. The ability to read water is not a mystical power or a special talent it is just being observant to the lay of the land. When we are driving to our fishing destination do we pay attention to the surrounding land hills, bluffs, mountains, or swamps, we should.

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Approaching New Water

article_picFor those of you who regularly travel to new water to bass fish, or participate in tournaments that frequently bring you to unfamiliar impoundments, you are probably familiar with the overwhelming feeling of; "what do I do now?" Well, to offer some consolation, there are several steps you can take to combat this all to familiar problem, many of which are much easier than one might anticipate.

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