Get the scoop directly from our Prostaff on a variety of bass fishing tackle and equipment.  Our team put these products to the test.  Read their independent reviews before you make your next purchase.


Connect Scale Full Review [VIDEO]

Here's a full review of the new Connect Scale and Bluetooth connected fishing app. You can manage and cull up to a 10 fish limit with the Connect Scale culling system. Not only does it weigh the fish, it will capture weight, photo, location, air temp automatically and allows you to enter other important details about each catch that can be stored and shared via Facebook and Twitter.


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Nautic Start II Review [VIDEO]

Check out our review of the Nautic Start II - Lithium Reserve Power Source and Mini Jump Starter!  We spent 6 weeks testing out the Nautic Start II and have to say, we're very impressed with the results. This is a must have for anyone for home use, car, boating and camping. This unit is small, compact & powerful.

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Mini Lure Box Review [VIDEO]

We found these great little compact fly fishing boxes that can be used to make the perfect mini bass fishing lure kits. Compartments are all separated, so you don't have to worry about cross contamination. What's awesome is that you can set up a bunch of different kits (i.e. Grubs, Drop Shot, Finesse worm, etc.) and either bring them with you bank fishing, or, they make for easy access on your boat. Instead of having to walk back to your tackle compartment on your bass boat, you can keep one of these in your pocket and never have to take your foot off the trolling motor if you break off and need to tie on a new rig.

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Get Paid to Fish Book Review

If you’re looking to obtain and keep quality sponsors, the book “Get Paid to Fish” is a “must read”. It is packed with details that you better know if you are going to approach any company for sponsorship. Written by Bernie Barringer and Jim Kalkofen, whom both have over 20 years’ experience in fishing and outdoors activities, this book is the key to opening doors for those anglers who want to get paid to fish. It also offers some valuable insight not just from the writers, but from industry legends like Kevin Van Dam and Al Linder (to name a couple), detailing what it really takes to get a paycheck from a sponsor.

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Freedom Lures Review

Freedom Lures

Freedom's Live Action Hybrid Jig's and Spinnerbait's enhance the action of any favourite plastic or swimbait giving them a life like appeal that fish have never seen before.

Overall Rating 8.00

Manufacturer: Freedom Lures

Product: Lures/Hooks

About Fredom Lures

Freedom Tackle Corp. is committed to providing anglers with cutting edge technology. We strive to improve the accuracy and efficency of anglers without restricting their freedom to customize. Think of our products as tools that enhance the systems you already fish with. We pride ourselves in each and every product we produce, which is why every product we sell is unique to the industry and truly one of kind.

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Fishin Decals

Fishin Decals Largemouth Bass

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to fishing, I’m not shy about letting people know how I feel about the sport. I’ve got so many different bass fishing shirts, hats, hoodies and jackets I’m running out of space in my closest.

Recently we came across a company “Fishin Decals” who as their slogan states make “Awesome Decals for Avid Anglers”. They’re some of the most detailed images of game fish that I’d ever seen. The details on the largemouth and smallmouth bass are really spot on. These decals are designed to go on just about any flat surface, like cars, boats, kayaks, tackle boxes, mailboxes, etc. I got one of their largemouth and smallmouth bass decals (actual decals seen above). They look great on the window of my truck and my fishing buddies are asking where they can get some.  They even have small decals that you can put on your fishing rods.

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Gene Larew Soft Plastic Baits Product Review

Gene Larew Lures are the manufacture our baits using the finest soft-plastic injection molding equipment in the industry. If you ask them what set them apart from the competition, they'll tell you "Our baits are so consistent in shape and color, which isn't always the case with many soft baits on the market today".
We had the opportunity to test out several of the huge line of Gene Larew lures and here's what our ProStaff team had to say about their lineup. 

Products Reviewed: Baby Mega Ring Shad, Floating Series Finesse Craw, , Baby Hoo Daddy, Tube Worm, Ribbon Tale Floating Worm, Floating Lizard, Mega Ring Shad, and the Fat Tail Tube 

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Fenwick Rod Reviews

“Whether you pitch, flip, crank, dropshot, jerk, skip, stroke, jig, worm, Carolina rig, spinnerbait, swim bait, or fish frog baits, Fenwick has built the perfect rod to meet your specific needs.” – Fenwick
Bassin' USA was given the opportunity to review four different Fenwick rods from their HMG Series and EliteTECH Smallmouth Series.  Several of our ProStaff members set out to test these new rods in various conditions, with different presentations and combinations.
Fenwick is a well-known brand amongst all anglers when it comes to fishing rods.  They have prided themselves on building rods that last throughout the years and to develop technologies to improve upon rod features.

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They are high performance professional grade lures that can give you an edge in any tournament.
Overall Rating 9.42 (Based on the overall ratings of each Reviewer)

Manufacturer: Keitech

Product: Lures/Baits

About Keitech

Keitech was established in 1996 by Kei Hayashi, one of the most successful tournament fishermen in Japan.  Keitech offers Tournament Quality Fishing lures based on a “Wealth of Fishing knowledge & advanced production technology”.  Their no-lead tungsten design limits the environmental impact while providing a technical advantage.  Keitech lures feature biodegradable soft plastics, high density tungsten compounds, high end performance rubber compounds, and ultra fine silicone rubber. They offer high quality tungsten jig heads, jigs, soft plastics and special compound rubber skirts.

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Blakemore Rock N' Runner Review

blakemore-logo"The Blakemore Rock’N Runner takes chatterbait fishing to a whole new level."

Overall Rating: 9.3
Manufacturer: Blackmore Lures

About Blackmore

Blakemore took the original Road Runner and spiced it up with a harder rockin' action that drives fish wild. This Rock'n Runner spinnerbait delivers a slow presentation, flash and vibration for the ultimate attraction to appeal to even the most finicky of fish. Cast it near structures, retrieve it slowly and hang on. The design begins with a wobble blade/spinner blade combination. Holographic eyes give it a realistic appearance. A Sampo swivel delivers smooth performance. It's all set on a Bleeding Bait Hook™ that triggers feeding fish for more than just a look. Tie line on at the snap.

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2Handee Product Review

2handee_125_100x40"Accessories that make fishing more fun and productive”
Overall Rating 8.42

Creator: Buck 'n Reel Enterprises
Cost: $14.95


About 2Handee

The 2HANDEE1 Fisherman's Utility Tool is the only multi-tool on the market to incorporate all of the necessary tools that a fisherman could want in one little package. It has an integrated grooved hook sharpening STONE, NOT A FILE, to keep your hooks "sticky sharp", a clipper that will cut braid and premium lines. How about crankbait tuning notches to quickly adjust off-lined lures and a tool to remove hardened paint form your favorite jigs. All this plus it has a non slip rubber grip with a rear access eyelet for a lanyard. The 2HANDEE fishing tool is a great addition to any fisherman's tackle box.

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Troll Perfect Review

The Troll Perfect is just that, Perfect!!
Overall Rating 9.57
Manufacturer: Prefect Outdoor Products
Cost:  $24.95

Get control of your electric trolling motor!

Whether fishing in wind, waves, current, or just whenever you need the high speed settings, Troll Perfect will allow you to stop fighting the kick back, and side to side torque steer of your trolling motor. You can concentrate on fishing (will also eliminate that "sloppy foot pedal" issue).

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Team Daiwa Product Reviews

daiwa_logoDaiwa's first spinning reel rolled off the assembly line in 1955. Since then, the company has grown into one of the largest and most influential tackle companies in the world today. 
To handle sales and distribution in the United States, Daiwa Corporation first opened its doors on September 26, 1966, operating from a small facility in Culver City, California. Today, based in Cypress, California, Daiwa Corporation sells tackle throughout the United States, Canada, Central and South America. 

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Knuckle Down Lures Product Review

Knuckle Down Lures

"When Fishin' gets tough you Knuckle Down!"

Overall Rating 10

Products: Living Image Spinnerbait, Knuckle Shaker Pro, Football head and Finesse Jigs

Cost: $4.59 - $5.79


Welcome to Knuckle Down Lures.  The finest hand crafted bass fishing jigs, spinnerbaits and buzzbaits, made right here in the USA.  Our lures are made from the highest quality components featuring Mustad® UltraPoint® hooks.  Tournament proven right here in the Midwest  - Knuckle Down baits get bit when the others won't.  Next time you are out on the lake whether for fun or competition - Knuckle Down!

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Buckeye Lures Product Review

BuckeyeProducts: Original Spot Remover & Pro Model, Su-Spin Blade.

Here in Western Kentucky, we have tournaments on Kentucky/Barkley Lakes, but also fish on the Tennessee/Cumberland Rivers as well. Buckeye Lures have products that fit well in both of these situations

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Kim Stricker Video Product Review


Kim Stricker VideoWhen I received my copy of Smallmouth Neighborhood, I was thrilled. Here we go… details on Smallies from one of the “Big Sticks” that live in one of the emerging smallmouth capitols in the Northland!

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Eagle Claw Product Review

Eagle ClawEagle Claws new R-Bend hook is a really neat hook, once you learn how to rig your bait. It will hold your Texas rigged worms or tubes in place as good as any hook I’ve ever used. The heavy wire hook is a great choice for pitchin and flippin into heavy cover, you’ll never have to worry about straighten one out.

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Bass Cat Boats Product Review

Bass Cat BoatsFun, rugged, lifetime warranty, quick, agile, stable, mobile, hardly any draft and well worth the money describe BASS CAT's entry into the below ten grand fishing boat market. The AWESOME Baby Cat is named the PHELIX. Bass Cat is the oldest bass boat builder with the same ownership from beginning to present day. No lost warranties with this company.

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Lunker City Lure Product Review

Lunker CityProducts: Water Widow, Spanky

Introduced in the fall of 2000, the Water Widow from Lunker City Fishing Specialties is sure to be hot bait this summer. The wacky worm craze has really taken hold with anglers in the last year. Lunker City Fishing Specialties has hopped on the band wagon, but with some interesting new twists to a simple lure. The Spanky is 5" in length, with both ends of the bait being larger (thicker) than the center.

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Glen Lau Videos Product Review


glenlauProducts: Bigmouth, Bigmouth Forever

I had seen Bigmouth, the first of Glenn Lau's movies about the Largemouth Bass many years ago when it first made its way through the Bassin' world. I remember watching in awe and wondering where in the world was a place with so many bass, and where was the water so clear it seemed as though you could see 40 feet.

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Spro Lure Product Review

sproWith summer here, its time to take out those topwaters for some exciting bass fishing action, but don't forget to put Spro's new Chug Minnow 35 in your box. This 3.5" plug is like no other popping plug on the market. The head does not have the normal concave face of ordinary popping lures. Instead, the Chug Minnow feature a flared gill design that pushes away water at the top and the sides, but still allowing water to flow through the bottom.

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