Spro Lure Product Review

sproWith summer here, its time to take out those topwaters for some exciting bass fishing action, but don't forget to put Spro's new Chug Minnow 35 in your box. This 3.5" plug is like no other popping plug on the market. The head does not have the normal concave face of ordinary popping lures. Instead, the Chug Minnow feature a flared gill design that pushes away water at the top and the sides, but still allowing water to flow through the bottom.

Chug Minnow 35
Spro Chug Minnow 35

What this does is cause the lure to "walk the dog" while it "pops" and splashes water. If you want to imitate fleeing baitfish, this is the bait. During the early mornings and late evening, when the water is flat as glass, this lure will do the trick to bring a bass to the surface, especially big smallmouth bass. The Chug Minnow comes in several realistic color finishes, and of course, is rigged with Gamakatsu treble hooks to ensure a solid hook set... learn more







Tim Carini