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glenlauProducts: Bigmouth, Bigmouth Forever

I had seen Bigmouth, the first of Glenn Lau's movies about the Largemouth Bass many years ago when it first made its way through the Bassin' world. I remember watching in awe and wondering where in the world was a place with so many bass, and where was the water so clear it seemed as though you could see 40 feet.




Watching it now was a little different, we laughed a little at the 70's soundtrack and cinematography has made great advances in shooting back lit objects since the documentary was first produced, but when you boil it down, I was as fascinated as I was the first time I saw it. It could have easily been called "A Year in The Life of Bigmouth" for that in a nutshell is the story line. Mr. Lau spends countless hours underwater in a spring fed river in the south and brings you nose to nose with a largemouth for a year. The spawning sequences are incredible and so are some of the feeding segments. He gives us all of it from a bass' eye view. The video of a bass strike will amaze you and there is one sequence where we were rooting out loud for the little duckling caught in one of life's dramas. Don't pass on an opportunity to see this movie. It's informative and enjoyable at the same time...Learn more

Bigmouth Forever


bigmouth_foreverPut your feet up, hit play and settle in for a fascinating time. Glen Lau improves on his original piece Bigmouth, with this video that is more related to bass fishing than the bass and its life. From the opening sequence with a dioramic view of a fisherman a log and the fisherman's (Hank Parker) correct decision to the scenes of fish activity before and after a cold front, you will be learning something to use at another time. We all read about different situations in bass fishing, but to see these theories play out in nature before your eyes will keep them in your memory for life. Lau spent 1500 days over a 25-year period filming and learning bass activity and has captured most of it on film. He presents you with a high quality journey through the underwater jungle and the dramas that take place within it. He defines two separate populations of bass in a given body of water and illustrates how bass relate to objects in both active and inactive periods. Some of the sequences will leave you amazed, for instance the scenes of different ways that a bass will hit a lure and the burst of speed as they close on the lure are stunning. Toss in an appearance by Shaw Grigsby discussing sight fishing and skip casting a lure into cover and we have a winner of a video. Sit back and enjoy a wonderful trip into the fishing world through a bass' eye.... learn more