Troll Perfect Review by Dan McGarry

Dan McGarry

"I had a chance to try this very simple product, the Troll Perfect, under some tough conditions at the NY CTC on Owasco Lake and was very impressed."

The product installs in just minutes and only costs $14.95. Troll Perfect is so simple use and provides amazing control when putting a boat into 2' to 3' swells.

Troll PerfectIt simply clamps to the trolling motor swivel bearing and helps assist keeping the motor in position even when your foot comes off the pedal for a moment. The tension can be adjusted with a dime or a pen knife when needed and is worth every penny.

The quality and design of this product is a ten (10) out of ten (10), as was the performance, durability, design and price. The two partners I had were so impressed they wanted to know where they could get one for their boats. I am buying two more to use on my other boat and believe this product gives a great advantage to anyone who buys one.

The price is less than a crankbait and provides the best boat control in tough conditionsthat I have ever experienced in thirty years of fishing!!!

My ratings of the Troll Perfect are as follows:

Design: 10
Quality: 10
Performance: 10
Durability: 10
Comfort: 10
Installation: 10
Price: 10

Overall Rating: 10



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