Keitech Review

They are high performance professional grade lures that can give you an edge in any tournament.
Overall Rating 9.42 (Based on the overall ratings of each Reviewer)

Manufacturer: Keitech

Product: Lures/Baits

About Keitech

Keitech was established in 1996 by Kei Hayashi, one of the most successful tournament fishermen in Japan.  Keitech offers Tournament Quality Fishing lures based on a “Wealth of Fishing knowledge & advanced production technology”.  Their no-lead tungsten design limits the environmental impact while providing a technical advantage.  Keitech lures feature biodegradable soft plastics, high density tungsten compounds, high end performance rubber compounds, and ultra fine silicone rubber. They offer high quality tungsten jig heads, jigs, soft plastics and special compound rubber skirts.



Keitech provided BASSIN’ USA with several different Lures/Baits for testing.   We were provided with Jigs, Custom Trailers, & Swimbaits in a variety of sizes and colors.  (For more information on what Keitech offers visit their store, KEITECH USA.) These were definitely high quality lures, just as Keitech states.  The skirts on the jigs were full, definitely more impressive than others out there.   Even the swimbaits stood out, with their ribbed and solid bodies, and their not so ordinary scent.  Turns out the scent is squid, not shad or crawfish.  And we can’t leave out the paddle tail, which puts out a “tremendous amount of vibration and swimming action”.   We knew that our Team would be jumping at the chance to test these lures out.


Yes, we were impressed with the looks and design of these Keitech products, but how would they do out in the water.  We decided these impressive high quality lures needed to be tested under multiple conditions, multiple areas and of course, diverse anglers.  Keitech claims to be an excellent tournament lure provider, so we sent some products to one of our regular reviewers and tournament anglers out there in Kentucky.  Next we shipped some on to a Guide Service on Table Rock Lake, Missouri (whom also has competed in many tournaments).  Then it was off to California to the passionate fun fishermen.  There was also some action here in New York and Connecticut as well.  Different states, different lakes, different conditions, different types of anglers with different tactics and different gear.   Would Keitech prove itself to all these anglers?

Since we received several different products from Keitech, we put together a brief overall summation.  For more details about each lure and individual angler's experiences please read the reviews below.

Tested Lures/Baits:      

Keitech - Model 1 (Casting Jig) ½ Ounce

Custom Trailers
Swing Impact 3” & 4”
Swing Impact FAT 4.8”
Tungsten Super Rounds Jigs

Overall Conclusion

In the end we were so impressed with these Lures from Keitech that we even made a video with Swimabit Winter Smallmouth Fishing.  These lures stood up to all conditions and were highly effective in catching bass and not just bass, but large sized bass.  There were some issues, such as tails breaking off the swimabaits and getting hooked up, but not enough to feel these are not worth buying.  If you like to flip n’ pitch, you will be very successful using these jigs. We highly recommend Keitech for all kinds of bass fishing, but definitely make it one of your Tournaments go-to-lures, you won’t be sorry.

Keitech USA is the sole distributor of the entire Keitech product line in the United States. If you are a retail store owner and would like to carry these quality products, or if you would just like more information on the complete line of Keitech products, you can:


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