Nautic Start II Review [VIDEO]

Check out our review of the Nautic Start II - Lithium Reserve Power Source and Mini Jump Starter!  We spent 6 weeks testing out the Nautic Start II and have to say, we're very impressed with the results. This is a must have for anyone for home use, car, boating and camping. This unit is small, compact & powerful.



MSRP Ranges from $119 to $199.00 based on the Model you need. Be sure to use PROMO CODE: BASSINUSA for 10% discount.

18,000 mAh Reserve Power Supply and Jump Starter


Compact design allows you to easily carry it in your pocket, backpack, or glove box.
Built in safety features that prevent overcharging and any short circuit problems.

Only 8hrs charging time required

Stays fully charged for over 6 months when not in use

Power source for Laptops (Adapters sold separately), Cell Phones, pad devices

Emergency Power for most 12v devices

Will jump start up to 8 12V vehicle's without recharging


5 amp and 19.5 amp Outputs

2 USB outputs

Three way light

Flashlight – Strobe Light – SOS Emergency Light

Comes Complete With:

Home Charger

Car Charger

4-IN-1 Phone Charger Adapter

12v Alligator Clip Adapter

12v Cigarette lighter adapter

Intelligent Jumper Cable

Water Resistant Zipper Hard Case

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