The Seductive Swim Bait

Keitech Fat Swing Impact

To swim or not to swim, that's the question. When Swim baits first came out I was immediately hooked. They are such a versatile bait that covers all water columns. Been through the whole gamut of swim baits. I started with the Bass Trix, Huddleston and Bass Magic. Boy did I spend a good dollar on some of those baits. Not only were the baits expensive but so were the hooks with the weights attached.

I was throwing them on my Loomis 7’2” swim bait rod. I did very well with these models in the northeast but they cost and size would be better suited if I lived in California. Then came Keitech. Go figure…

Keitech offers such an assortment for every fisherman. Ninety percent of their baits are based on some kind of swimming action. One can choose from 2 inch up to 5.8 inches. The selection is unbelievable. You can get Swing impacts, Fat Swings or Easy Shiners. To add even more variety they have recently added dozens more colors. Having such a selection gives you the ability to fish them finesse in the spring or hard core in the summer. If that’s not enough try using them in the fall when the bass are fattening up for the winter.

Keitech SwimbaitsI really enjoy throwing swim baits. If I want to get fish close to the lower column use a football head. Work on your retrieve to see what they want. One day it could be fast and one day slow. If the fish are suspended go with a mushroom head. Swimming though the column can get you some big girls. Available on the market are a variety of swim heads that also work very well. It’s all about preference and confidence. Then of course there is always the heavy grass. Texas rig with a nose weight and they swim right through the grass.

There are key factors when choosing to through a swim bait. Wind is your friend. A slight to strong breeze gets you more bites. Fish the structures that are windblown. When wind blows, it pushes zooplankton across points, humps and other structures. This attracts bait fish which in turn, attracts bass. That’s when I like to pick up a swim bait. The application dictates the choice of gear to use. For finesse fishing swimbaits up to 3 ½”, I choose a light spinning rod with good back bone and a faster tip. Always lay smoothly into the fish when the bite happens instead of giving a hard hook set. I find laying into the fish up to three times ensures a positive hook set. If I’m using bigger swim baits, then I switch over to a baitcaster for a perfect match. No matter which application I use fluorocarbon is my choice of line.

Once you figure out which Keitech works for you, you too will be hooked on Keitech. If I had to bring only two baits with me during a tournament it would be Swim Baits and jigs.


Check out this Video and see how Swim Baits work in the middle of winter