Coast Lures Product Review - 1

coast-luresI recently field tested a Pro Stealth Series Spinnerbait from Coast Lures, and I have to say that they build a high quality bait.

The spinnerbait has high quality components, such as titanium wire, a black Mustad teflon hook, and a good quality silicone skirt. I also really like the head design of the bait, it has a shad look alike head, and it comes through cover really well.


Pro Stealth Spinnerbait

Coast LureThe spinnerbait runs straight up right out of the package, I didn't need to tune it or anything, it was ready to fish. I really dislike a bait that does not run straight up and down. I really believe it kills the baits effectiveness if it tilts over to one side or the other.

The bait I tested had a single colorado blade, and when I retrieved the bait it really had a lot of thump to it. This is really important in off colored water so the fish can find the bait. There is only one thing I do not like about the spinnerbait I tested and that is they have a cross lock snap to hold the blade on the bait. I understand why they have it on the lure and that is so that it is easy for people to change different blade designs and finishes. I prefer to have a Sampo ball bearing swivel with no snap, that is just my preference. I would recommend anyone to get some of Coast Lures Spinnerbaits, they definitely catch fish! and that is from experience.


To contact Coast Lures just call them at (541)759-4767, or write them at:
P.O. Box 350
Lakeside, Oregon 97449

Jeff Chudzinski

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