Coast Lures Product Review - 2

coast-luresThe Coast Lure's Pro Stealth Spinnerbait has all the fish catching attributes of other fine spinnerbaits, but Coast Lures takes spinnerbaiting to a new level. The Pro Stealth Spinnerbait I am writing about is the 3/8th ounce willow leaf tandem spinnerbait. The Pro Stealth has some unique features that are sure to entice even spinnerbait wary bass into striking.

Pro Stealth Spinnerbait

Coast LureI especially like the over-sized Mustad Teflon coated hook, it offers a 40% better hooking ratio and faster penetration to assure hookups. The Pro Stealth hook and wire shaft is painted black which makes it blend into the scenery and the skirt and blades appear more like lively shad. The glitter skirt not only looks lifelike, but when the bass bites the skirt, the glitter feels like scales causing the fish to engulf the bait even deeper.

Coast LureThe flat-side minnow type head virtually eliminates roll-over and keeps the bait running true cast after cast.The Pro Stealth even comes with a snap to allow quick blade changing when conditions dictate. Only top quality swivels and clevises are used on Coast Lures.



For more information on the Coast Lure's Pro Stealth Spinnerbait and other quality Coast Lures contact: Coast Lures, P.O. Box 350, Lakeside, Oregon 97459 or call: (541) 756-7401

Johnnie Crain

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