Double Trouble - Fishing Lures In Tandem

How do you trigger the predator instinct in a bass?

One sure- fire way is to rig your lures in "tandem" when the situation allows it. Here are 4 conditions you can effectively fish tandem lures. 1) A "front runner" 8-12 inches in front of your top water popper or spook type bait can be deadly. 2) Using a 3-way swivel to drag 2 lure choices on a Carolina rig is very effective. One leader should be slightly shorter than the other to give the "chase" effect. 3) The same swivel technique can be used with "fluke" type baits or "sassy shad" type swim baits to catch schooling fish. BE CAREFULE! You may catch 2 fish at one time. 4) A traditional Carolina rig with a "jig" weight also offers two options. The first three examples mimic a predator fish chasing a baitfish, which triggers Mr. Bass to prove he is at the top of the food chain. Most single catches will be on the front lure
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