Bass Fishing Games Online


Check out this collection of online bass fishing games that can played through your browser and some can even be downloaded and installed on your local computer.  Check out these free fishing games!






Trophy Bass 4 (Download Demo)



Here's a game you can download and install on your PC.  Works on Windows 7 too!  Graphics are a little old looking, but the functions are great!  The demo version has some limitations, but is still really fun to play.  Download, install/run and you'll be able to start catching bass in no time at all.





Bass Fishing Pro – Bass Fishing Game

game-1Here is a bass fishing game we found called "Bass Fishing Pro".  According to the makers, "you can play the trial version below which allows you to move your way up to more difficult levels with the more fish you catch. You don’t want to run out of gas in this internet bass fishing game because then you’ll have to row, which makes it harder to catch the fish! Once you play Bass Fishing Pro online, you’ll be hooked for sure. What makes this bass fishing game so realistic is you can upgrade your boat and fishing gear as you continue to earn money in the bass fishing tournaments. Give it a try and you’ll agree that this is one of the most fun free bass fishing games on the internet."



Fishing Frenzy

game2Here's another fun bass fishing game we found that is free to play online.  According to the makers, this online fishing game "will test your reflexes as you go against the clock to catch as many fish as possible.  Are you a good enough fisherman to take advantage of the feeding frenzy and catch a mess of fish?


Aim with the mouse Click and hold to start the power gauge, release to cast Click while casting to reel.  When a fish pulls the bobber underwater, quickly click to set the hook.  When reeling in a fish, keep the arrow in the middle of the bar."




Fishing Champion



This bass fishing games is mulit-species and has many levels.  Read the directions carfully before you play.  According to the makers you need to "cast your line and earn the money required on each level to proceed. Click on your fishing rod to activate your power meter. Release your mouse to cast your tackle out."




Hook Line & Sinker Fishing




Here's and easy fishing game for young kids.  Not much to do, move back and forth and click you mouse to lower the line.  Very basic, but should be fun the little ones.




Ice Fishing Game




Yup, someone made an ice fishing game too.  Very simple and easy to play.  Just left click your mouse and hold it down while moving up and down in front of a fish.  When one hits, let go and you've got 'em!