Summertime Fish Handling

Most people don't Realize how much stress that they put on bass in the summer months. Hot water ,boat traffic, and a whole list of other factor can turn what you thought was a winning sack of bass to you going home with your feeling hurt due to dead fish ! In the Summer month put your aerators on recirculate what that will do that will allow you to put ice in your livewells and cool that water down and you won’t be pumping in any new hot water ! Buy plenty of Ice sometimes it may take 2 or 3 bags to really get that water temp to a comfortable state for the fish !

Rejuvenate is a must in the summer months what I like to do is get sum empty bottled water bottles and put some rejuvenate mixed with water in the bottles and freeze them overnight (the night before a tournament) that way when I do catch a fish all have to do then is take that bottle with the frozen rejuvenate and take the cap off and drop the bottle in the livewell. The bottle adds the right mix of rejuvenate to the water and it will help keep the fish cool cause the bottles are frozen they will thaw naturally! Tight Lines!