Here you will find quick “how to” tackle tips for anglers and bass fishing enthusiasts.


A Big Bait Excites a Smallmouth

Spinnerbaits and smallmouth bass go hand in hand, there is nothing like burning a spinnerbait just under the water and a 4-pound smallmouth coming up and crushing it. Burning spinnerbaits is a great technique on lake Erie smallmouth. Speed is the key to catching big smallmouth, you can't reel a spinnerbait to fast for a smallmouth to chase it down and eat it. You have to reel pretty fast so the bass does not get a real good look at it. I also think it is the speed that makes the smallmouth want to chase it and take the lure. With this technique you can fish it in 5 foot of water or 15 foot of water.

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How to increase the life of your soft plastic baits

A quick tip for any angler who is looking to save some money. If you're like me, you'll have a large pile of torn and ripped soft plastic baits in the bottom of your boat at the end of a long day of fishing. I used to throw them away. Not anymore. There is a great product on the market called Mend-It. This glue fixes soft plastics like new. It isn't like Super Glue that leaves the baits hard and usually stuck to your fingers. Mend-It leaves your baits as soft as when you pulled them out of the package. Plus, it doesn't stick to your fingers. My Dad and I use this every time we fish. Do yourself and your wallet a favor. Try this great money saver, Mend-It. For more information, visit

Custom Painted Crank Baits

Do you have some brand or type of crank baits that you wish you could get in that fish catching color that the company doesn’t offer? Well, you can! There are several people who can put a high quality paint job on that bait at very reasonable prices.  They can also paint baits in a custom color you have always wanted that no one else is fishing in your lake or river.  I have been using custom painted baits for several years and truly feel they give me an edge over my competition by showing the bass fish something they haven’t seen.  My advice is check out the website for people who do custom painting or contact me and I will hook you up with the people who paint for me.

Deep Crank Baits

There has been a lot of talk about deep diving crank baits winning several “Tour” tournament in the news lately.  There are several things you can do to enhance and maximize your bass fishing with these baits.

First start with a low gear ratio reel, a 4.9 to 1 will allow the bait to reach its maximum depth by slowing down your retrieve, and will also help with fatigue of cranking these baits for a long period of time.  The next thing, use fluorocarbon line.  Fluorocarbon has properties that cause the line to sink, which will also help in getting the bait to run at its maximum depth.  The last thing, choose a longer rod, at least 7 feet in length and preferably made up of graphite composition.  The length will allow you to cast the lure farther again helping the lure run deeper.  The graphite composition works two fold, first it will allow the fish to inhale the lure without you feeling it and pulling the bait away from the fish, you will just feel the rod “load up” or feel heavy which gives you a good hook set. 

The second way it helps is when you are fighting the bass fish.  It has a lot of  flexibility that will assist in keeping the fish buttoned up by not ripping the hooks out of their mouth.  These simple changes in you equipment will increase your hook up and landing ratio and will not wear you out on a long day of fishing.

Scent Holder For Tubes

When using fish attractant with tubes, insert a piece of cotton, or packing foam through the bottom, and push it to the top of the tube, before rigging Texas style. Once the hook is inserted it will hold the "scent holding" material. Now scent can be applied inside the tube, and it will hold much longer. To help in this process, use something like Kodiak's Crawfish Paste which comes in an injector, but don't over fill the tube, as a little will last a long time. 

Texas Rigging A Tube

I've found the XPoint XGap hook, in the 2/0 to 4/0 size, to be one of the best for Texas rigging a tube. The tube is started like when rigging a regular plastic worm. Once the hook is through and turned, insert it into the bottom of the tube so that the point is moving freely. Now push the tube forward and insert the hook's point through the outer side. To make it weedless push the tip of the hook lightly back into the tube's outer skin. The point will easily come out on the strike, and provide a greater percentage of positive hook sets 

Senko Saver

Senkos are great lure but they are very expensive and tear easy, to remedy this use cheap harder plastic tubes and cut them into hollow sections sliding the sections over the body of the Senko. It sure makes them last longer


Most anglers trim the skirts on jigs and spinnerbaits, to help prevent short strikes. Instead of holding the bait with the hook down, like most anglers, turn the bait over, with the hook pointing up, and then trim the skirt. What this does is make the strands uneven, causing the skirt to flare out, giving it a bigger profile

Concentration is Your Most Important Piece of Equipment

Bass fishing is not only about rods, reels, lures, boats, and motors. When you hit the water in a tournament or just to fun fish, the most important piece of equipment you can bring is your concentration. The power of your concentration is a huge part of competitive bass fishing. You have to be ready mentally for anything that can happen during the day, such as how and where a bass bites. This will lead you to the next fish of the day and the rest of your limit. You must also be able to recognize when you have to make changes if you are not catching fish. Some of the changes you need to make maybe very small and you need to have your concentration at peak performance to pick up on these subtleties. This brings the other part of the mental game in bass fishing and that is confidence.

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Tuning Buzzbaits

Although this is an old tip, it is still a very effective way to ensure your buzzbaits will run smooth when you hit the water. Simply take a buzzbait and hold it out the window of your car on the way to the lake. At 40 mph, the wind will spin the blade at a high rate and help remove any burrs that may be on the shank. Obviously, be careful while doing this and be sure that you do not let go of the bait. I’d also recommend having your partner hold the bait out the passenger side to ensure the driver is not distracted. Please don't take a selfie with your buzzbait while you're driving and under no circumstances should you target joggers or pedestrians, unless they gave you the “bird” (Just kidding).

Spinnerbait presentation

There are times when I want to specialize my spinnerbait presentation in a way that isn’t very popular. I like to go shallow and slow. The way I see it, a bass sees dozens of spinnerbaits fly by his face, “ticking the tops of the weeds”, looking for the reaction strike in the course of his life. I want my bait to crawl by making a lot of noise to show him something different. I take a light bait on a big frame, preferably a single spin and put the biggest colorado blade on that it can work with. Go too big and the blade flips the spinner over, too small doesn’t do what I want it to. I tie this to some heavy mono in the #20 to #25 pound range on a 6’6” or 7’ Medium Heavy rod. Cast it shallow, and keep that rod tip high on the retrieve. You are now running a bait in a foot of water at half the normal speed and making a hell of a lot of noise with it at the same time. One thing I have found is that fish will attack this presentation like it hasn’t eaten in months or it will just nibble the end of the skirt as though it were trying to pick the lures pocket. So I always use a trailer hook with this technique and most of the time I use 2 trailer hooks. If I see this shallow running bait moving side ways, I set the hook and I’m in