First cast

If you look at a piece of structure as a small community instead of just a piece of cover, your approach and presentation will change drastically. Take a small patch of pads isolated against a nothing bank. It will be the centerpoint of movement for any fish living on that bank. Fish up the bank to the lilies, but before you cast to the bed think about what the best spot in that cover would be. If you can find a lane that you can bring a bait through near the center of the bed that’s good. If you can find the lane that will allow you to present your offering closest to the shady side of center that’s even better.

Hold off on that first cast until you assess the site, In small pieces of structure I want my first cast to present to the position that the dominant fish would hold. If I cast to a spot that a secondary fish holds and I hook him chances are I’ll spook the number one fish off the cover and that is self defeating. Move your boat to a position that will give you the best shot. Think before you cast and improve your chances.