A Big Bait Excites a Smallmouth

Spinnerbaits and smallmouth bass go hand in hand, there is nothing like burning a spinnerbait just under the water and a 4-pound smallmouth coming up and crushing it. Burning spinnerbaits is a great technique on lake Erie smallmouth. Speed is the key to catching big smallmouth, you can't reel a spinnerbait to fast for a smallmouth to chase it down and eat it. You have to reel pretty fast so the bass does not get a real good look at it. I also think it is the speed that makes the smallmouth want to chase it and take the lure. With this technique you can fish it in 5 foot of water or 15 foot of water.

You can make smallmouth come a long way to hit a spinnerbait, or it works when the bass are relatively shallow. Smallmouth really like reaction type lures and a spinnerbait fits just right. I like painted bladed spinnerbaits, in white or char; the size of the bait can range from 3/8 oz. to a full 1oz. bait. S and J Custom Lures have made some new proto type baits in different colors for this year and I can't wait to try them out. So the next time you are on a lake with clear water and it has smallmouth bass, try burning spinnerbaits for them, it is a fun way to catch them. By the way make sure you have your heart pills with you. Good luck!