Concentration is Your Most Important Piece of Equipment

Bass fishing is not only about rods, reels, lures, boats, and motors. When you hit the water in a tournament or just to fun fish, the most important piece of equipment you can bring is your concentration. The power of your concentration is a huge part of competitive bass fishing. You have to be ready mentally for anything that can happen during the day, such as how and where a bass bites. This will lead you to the next fish of the day and the rest of your limit. You must also be able to recognize when you have to make changes if you are not catching fish. Some of the changes you need to make maybe very small and you need to have your concentration at peak performance to pick up on these subtleties. This brings the other part of the mental game in bass fishing and that is confidence.

Confidence will help you when it is 1 o'clock and you don't have a fish in the live and you are still as sharp as you were the first cast of the day. Confidence tells you that you are still going to bring your limit in at the 3 o'clock weigh-in. This is difficult to master. It was only a few years ago that I finally mastered this approach. Since then I have won and placed high in tournaments that I didn't have a fish at 1 o'clock and still came in with a limit. You never give up and you always fish every second of the event you are in.