Summer Night Jitterbugs

To me the most productive and exciting summer bassin' I know of is Nighttime Jitterbuggin' on my favorite lake. Sometimes the strike is just a sip of the plug off the surface and other times the violence of the strike will propel the bass 3 feet into the air. This is easy, just cast and retrieve with a steady pace. No stop and go, and no buzzin', we want this lure to look like a little mammal swimming home from his girlfriend's. Slow and steady is the key.

Color TIP: Color selection is a Henry Ford decision, any color as long as it’s black.

Size TIP: Get a selection of sizes from musky down to the 3/8 oz., and pick up a couple of jointed ones too. Size is important, some places smaller is better and the preference may change on any given night.

I make some changes to my plugs when I get them home from the store. First I change the hooks to the next size up from what comes from the factory on every model except the musky. I set the new hooks so two hooks face up and one down and then I clip off the down pointed hook of the treble. This makes it a bit more weedless and it slides over snags a little better. Make them as sharp as you possibly can!!!! Then I take a pair of square nose pliers and curl in 1/8 of the bottom and outside edge of the lips of the bug to make it grab and push more water.

Finally to make even more noise I have drilled out a hole and added brass and glass beads to the bug to give it a loud rattle. These noisier bugs attract more attention, but on a flat calm night may be a bit too loud, so pick your spots when you use noise makers. Add a strip of reflective tape on the back to help you find the lost ones and the last thing to remember is Don’t set the hook til’ you feel the fish! Enjoy