Confidence Is The Key

I encounter anglers, all over, who think that pros rely upon some deep, dark secrets for catching bass on the tournament circuit. Well, there are no magic potions or quick-fixes for catching bass, but there are systems and methods that we use to consistently catch fish.  Because we're on the water so often and fish such a variety of water, we're confronted with a new challenge nearly every tournament. Through these experiences, we've learned to adapt quickly to water conditions and the mood of the fish. In most cases, we still work within traditional systems and methods. But paying close attention to details is what enables us to refine our fishing efficiency. This has helped me be successful, and it's an aspect that will help you improve as well.


You have a tremendous advantage by fishing local waters year in and year out. Through experience, you learn the seasonal patterns, traditional hot spots, and techniques that work. You have the opportunity to learn these characteristics and refine them in the process. This is a big advantage.

Wherever you are, keep in mind that balanced versatility is critical to consistently catching bass. It's crazy to assume one method will work for all fisherman under all conditions. Still, you shouldn't go overboard. Developed your own style and build self-confidence in that style. Continue, of course, to try new methods and explore new tactics. But if you expect to catch fish regularly, don't clutter your mind with allot of theories and techniques. I have become a better fisherman by keeping my fishing simple. I often remind myself to K.I.S.S. ( Keep it simply stupid ). I rely upon things that I do best, and increasing my level of concentration on the business at hand. Pro's get lucky, too, but consistent winners put themselves in a situation to be "lucky." If I'm in control of my equipment and have confidence in the lure and technique I'm using, I'm going to be a lot more successful. The same holds true for you