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NEW - Bass Club Website Section

Postby brendanc » Sun Sep 30, 2007 2:46 am

Bassin' USA has created the ulitimate website design and tournament management system for Bass Fishing Clubs. We are in our final testing stages and will be making this new system available. Here is a small preview of what is to come: Each club will receive their very own multi-page website within

Each club will have the ability to add content and pictures to each of the various pages through a simple to use database interface. In short, this simply means that you will not need to know how to build a website to have and maintain a website within Bassin' USA.

The other nice part about having your website within Bassin' USA is that if the person who normally maintains the website is no longer able to do so, simply have another member of the club take it over. Again, they do not need to know how to create WebPages. If you can send an email or post a message on our message boards, you can manage your clubs website here at Bassin' USA.

Here's a nice feature... how about a fully integrated tournament and points tracking system? Wouldn't that be nice? Well, you are going to have it through Bassin' USA. Our tournament and points tracking system will allow bass clubs to enter in all their members, all of the tournament events, define their points system and have the system keep track of where everyone is at throughout the season. You will not have to spend countless hours updating spreadsheets and redoing to year to date point standings, simply put in the results after each tournament, and the system will do the rest! If your club scores by weight and not points, no problem, the system can handle that too.

This is the place to post any questions you may have about this new feature. We want to hear your questions, so please feel free to post them in this tread.

Brendan C.
Brendan C.

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