• Approaching New Water

    Approaching New Water

    For those of you who regularly travel to new water to bass fish, or participate in tournaments that frequently bring you to unfamiliar impoundments, you are probably familiar with the overwhelming feeling of; "what do I do now?" Well, to offer some consolation, there are several steps you can take to combat this all to familiar problem, many of which are much easier than one might anticipate. First of all, quite possibly some of the most important steps you can take to prepare for new water, can be taken days or weeks in advance to physically traveling to your new destination. I consider these steps a form of "bassin' reconnaissance", that will, if done correctly, eliminate a whole lot of unproductive water.

  • Bass Boating Essentials

    Boat Safety Equipment

    Running a high performance bass boat is a fun way to cover water effectively in a short period of time.  However, in order to enjoy your

    high performance machine there are a couple of safety pieces that you need in your boat just in case a situation occurs where you  may need it. Life Jackets are the most important necessity to have in the boat. Whether it’s a foam jacket or a Automatic PFD, a life jacket could save your live if you get thrown out, if the boat sinks or for any reason where you have to get into the water.  A life jacket will keep you head up and out of the water so you can work on trying to get to safety.  
  • Boat Ramp Etiquette

    Boat Ramp

    Memorial Day weekend came and went, as it always does but for my family, things were a bit different this year. Usually, we spend what most folks refer to as the beginning of summer, with my father at his place on beautiful Lake Quachita just out of Hot Springs, Arkansas.

  • Night Fishing

    Dock at Night

    Five years ago in March, I was blessed with the birth of my little fishing buddy, Tatum. In an attempt to spend as much time with Tatum as possible, I cut way back on my fishing, opting instead to stay home with her. Although it was a sacrifice I will never regret, I did miss my fishing. A fishing partner of mine had a son the same year. He too, choose to stay home with his child. One day, we were talking about how we missed going fishing. As the discussion continued, we explored the idea of going fishing at night, after the little ones had gone down for the evening.

  • Reading Water

    Reading Water

    How many times do you have to fish in an area or new body of water and wish you could see the bottom? I bet if you could you wouldn't be as afraid of fishing new bodies of water. The ability to read water is not a mystical power or a special talent it is just being observant to the lay of the land. When we are driving to our fishing destination do we pay attention to the surrounding land hills, bluffs, mountains, or swamps, we should.

  • Tips For Boating with Your Pets

    I don’t know about you, but my favorite fishing buddy is my dog.  He keeps my secret fishing spots “secret” and he never cast over me... ever!  Let’s face it, our pets are family and no wants to leave them home alone.  That being said, not all pets enjoy boats and the water.  Most dogs love that feeling of wind blowing in their faces and the stimulation of being outdoors.  Who would’ve thought?  These days my old boy isn’t too crazy about the water, but we’ve had some great days on the water together. 

  • Where Ya' Puttin' In ?

    Boat Launch

    Last evening, my oldest daughter, Megan, and I went to a friend's boathouse on Richland-Chambers reservoir to try and catch a few crappie. We didn't catch a bunch of fish, but we got a few. More importantly, we got to spend some quality time together. After the fish quit biting, we headed over to Oak Cove Marina for a bite to eat. We ordered our usual favorites, a club sandwich with fries for Megan, and tater tots for me. As usual, the restaurant was packed with fishermen, some with wives and girlfriends, others eating with their fishing partners.

  • Winterizing Your Boats

    Fogging Engine

    As everyone has noticed for the past several weeks, old man winter has been gone on vacation, or something. We have been enjoying spring - like weather during what should be the onset of our cold weather season. In fact, it has been so nice outdoors, I have not considered deer hunting or duck hunting, two of my favorite cold weather endeavors. Instead, I have been focusing on my bass fishing, which has been pretty good. It looks like things are about to change. According to the weather forecast, we are in for a bit of seasonal weather, in other words, it’s gonna get cold and stay that way for a while.