• Rigging Tube Baits

    Texas Rigged Tube

    Gitzits or tube baits, as they are more commonly known, are without doubt the strangest looking lure ever invented.  A truly perfect lure that can be used for flipping, pitching, Carolina rigging, Texas rigging and the list goes on.  The Gitzit was invented by Bobby Garland and was made available to the public in 1964.  


  • To Tube, or Not to Tube

    Tube Jig

    When most anglers hear the words tube jig, they think of some clear, rocky, smallmouth infested lake. Yes this is the perfect bait for those conditions, but a tube jig can be used in any type of cover and conditions, to catch some pretty hefty largemouth bass. The reasons being, is that it is not a common lure for fishing timber or vegetation for largemouths, and the fish are not used to seeing a tube.