• Full Contact Fishing

    Boat Docks

    Full contact fishing you ask? Could this be a new form of “extreme fishing requiring pads and a crash helmet? In a word, no.  However, for many it may be a style of fishing that is very unfamiliar, and in some cases may even seem foolish. The basis of full contact fishing lies in the fact that instead of fishing in and around cover and structure…you fish on it.  For all intents and purposes the cover becomes part of the overall presentation. Immediately one might assume this falls under the category of “fishing fad”, but the truth is; it has been a secret of many top pros for years.

  • Wacky Worming

    Wacky Rig

    Over the last three years the most consistant bass fish catcher I have used has been the "Wacky Worm," a.k.a. "Jersey rig" or "Wacky Rig". The rig that most people look at and say how can that silly little worm catch anything? Well, once again it does not matter what we as the fisherman think looks good, but rather what Mr. Bass thinks that matters.