• Preserving The Resource

    Catch and Release

    As a professional angler, though not full time, I find it difficult to harm, kill or eat that which helps put food on the table. I can't tell you how long it has been since I put a bass to the knife that eventually ended up on my plate. It's been years. I just can't bring myself to destroy something that I earn part of my living on. But, lookout crappie, trout and white bass!

    Preservation and conservation has been a tool of outdoorsmen and women for many years.

  • Summer Smallmouth Bass [VIDEO]

    Locating Smallmouth Bass around structure is a key for summertime fishing, but don't overlook those fish that are lurking in open water around major structures like humps and points.  In this video, Brendan C. shows you a different way to approach bass around open water structure.

  • The Carolina Rig: In Depth

    Carolina Rig

    Sometimes called the idiot rig, something so easy a child could use it, the Carolina-rig is probably the most underrated technique in today's bass fishing arsenal. True, the rig is easy to use, but it becomes more complicated when you expand on its capabilities. Not only is it one of the most productive rigs I have used, it is also the most versatile. I will show you the different rigs and when to use them, different retrieves for both active and inactive fish, and a variety of lures that work best in several situations.

  • The Seductive Swim Bait

    Keitech Fat Swing Impact

    To swim or not to swim, that's the question. When Swim baits first came out I was immediately hooked. They are such a versatile bait that covers all water columns. Been through the whole gamut of swim baits. I started with the Bass Trix, Huddleston and Bass Magic. Boy did I spend a good dollar on some of those baits. Not only were the baits expensive but so were the hooks with the weights attached.